Creating a new service request

To create a new service request:

  1. Click New Request to create a new service request. The New Request screen is displayed.
  2. Specify this information:
    Specify the title for the service request.
    Specify a detailed description of the request.
    Sold to BP
    The sold to BP value is defaulted from the mobile application settings.
    Set the priority for the service request.
    Item Code
    The code of the item for which the request is created. You can select the item for the data that is displayed.
    Note: A minimum of three characters of the item code must be specified for the applicable item codes to be displayed. The data is retrieved from the Items – Service (tsmdm2100m000) session in LN.
    Serial Number
    The serial number of the item. The serial number of the item is displayed only if the item is serialized in LN.
    The default site of the item for which the service request is created.

    This value is defaulted based on the value specified in the Item Code and Serial Number field. For a Site active company, this field is empty if a value is specified in the Sold to BP field.

  3. Click Attachment. You can capture a new image or select an existing image.
    Note: When you select, an activity linked to a Service order in the Service Order (tssoc2100m100) session, the attachment related to the Service Order activity is displayed in the Related Information context app for LN in Infor OS.
  4. Click Submit. A new service order is created in the Service Orders (tssoc2100m000) session.