Claim Line details

This screen displays the details of the claim lines. The Claim Line Details screen includes these information:

  • Claim Line Number: The customer claim line number.
  • Claim Number: The customer claim number to which the customer claim line is linked.
  • Status: The status of the customer claim line.
  • Cost Type: The cost type applicable to the claim line.
  • Claim Method: The method used for the customer claims.
  • Item: The item lined to the claim.
  • Serial Number: The serial number of the item.
  • Task: The code of the task.
  • Claimed Quantity: The quantity of the item that is claimed.
  • Claimed Amount: The amount that is claimed for the item.
  • Approved Amount: The amount that is approved for the customer claims.
  • Warranty: The warranty applicable to the item.
  • Tagged to: The employee to whom the claims are tagged.