Creating or updating activities in Depot Repair application

  1. Select the required work order from the list of available work orders.
  2. Select the required activity in the Activities screen.
  3. Click Add to create a new activity.
  4. Specify this information:
    Activity Description
    The description of the activity.
    Activity Status
    The status of the Activity. Possible values:
    • Free
    • Planned
    • Released
    • Completed
    • Signed-Off
    • Transferred
    • Closed
    • Canceled
    Master Routing
    The master routing identifies a collection of operations that are to be completed. You can link one or more master routings to an item.
    The sequence number of the work order activity.
    Reference Activity
    The reference activity is an activity that is to be completed. You can enter a single reference activity or the reference activity that is specified for an operation in the master routing
    Work Center
    The work center for which the work order activity is created.
    The checklist options available for the activity. Possible values:
    • None
    • Checklist for repair
    • Checklist for refurbishment
    Findings Reason
    The code that identifies the result of the inspection.
    Earliest Start Time
    The earliest date and time by when the activity started.
    Latest Finish Time
    The latest date and time by when the activity completed.
    Planned Start Time
    The planned date on which the activity must start.
    Planned Finish time
    The planned date on which the activity must be completed.
    The image, video, or document that is attached to each activity. You can capture an image or video. You can also upload the files from the local storage or photo library as attachments.
  5. Click Save to create or update the activity in Infor LN.
  6. Select Complete to change the status of the Activity to Complete.
    Note: If you create activity from the application, activity is created with release status with assignment and logged in username with Assigned status.
  7. Click Sign-Off to change the status of the Activity to Signed-Off.