LN Resource Assignments app

The LN Resource Assignments app enables the user to check the daily assignment from a selected origin or multiple origins. The user can view the assignments in weekly and monthly format.

App Details

Origins listed by the Resource Assignments app are:

  • Project
  • Job shop Order
  • Service Order
  • Work Order
  • Project (PCS)
  • Non- Conformance Report
  • Corrective Action Plan
  • Inspection Order
The toolbar displays these options:
  • Month/Week: The month or week for which the resource assignment must be displayed.
  • Filter: Filters the assignments based on the Status and Type of Origin.
    Note: The Filter option is only available in the List view on the My Assignments screen.
  • Refresh: Refreshes and synchronizes the data with Infor LN.
  • List view: The resource assignments are displayed in the form of list.
  • Graph view: The graphical representation of resource assignments displays the assigned Origin and the availability of the resource.
These are the two ways to view the resource assignments on the My Assignments screen:
  • List view
  • Graph view