LN Requisition app

The Infor LN Requisition app enables you to create, submit and view data related to the purchase requisitions.

A purchase requisition is a request for the procurement of goods. Purchase requisition includes information such as requester name, department, warehouse, purchase office, and approver details. The requisition line includes data related to item, supplier name, quantity, price, amount, and project details.

You can use the app to:

  • Create, modify or delete the requisitions and requisition lines.
  • Add one or more standard items, custom items or items from the product catalogs, to the requisition.
    • The standard items are retrieved from the Items (tcibd0501m000) session in Infor LN.
    • The custom items are items that are not included Items (tcibd0501m000) session in Infor LN.
  • Add or review attachments supporting the requisitions and lines.
  • Review or modify the details of the existing requisitions and the requisition lines.
  • Create requisition templates for future use.


The pre-requisites to configure for using the LN Requisition mobile app are:

  • The user must have a profile in the Purchase User Profiles (tdpur0143m000) session in Infor LN.
  • The Requisitions check box must be selected in the Procurement Parameters (tdpur0100m000) session in Infor LN.
  • User must be an IDM-user to upload and view the attachments.
  • User must be assigned to Infor Ming.le Enterprise Role to retrieve user information from Ming.le.
  • The Approval Authorization field must be set to Any Approver in the Purchase Requisition Parameters (tdpur0100m200) in Infor LN to submit the requisition from the app, in case of non-ION Workflow.

Accessing the mobile app

The user authorization is based on a Single Sign-On username and password. You can use these login options to sign-on to the app:

  • The Settings option on the Login screen enables you to add the login environment by scanning the respective environment QR code.
  • The Login option enables you to sign in using the username and password, into the sign in environment added above.

You can select the Remember Login check box on the Login screen to save login credentials for easy access to the app. You must set a four-digit passcode using the Set a Passcode option for the Remember login functionality.

App Details

The Requisitions screen is displayed as the home page of the app. The screen displays all the existing requisitions that are created on your name. The requisition records are displayed in this app, and synchronized with the Purchase Requisitions (tdpur2501m000) session in Infor LN.

The Requisitions screen displays this information:

  • Requisition Number
  • Requisition Status
  • Requested Date
  • Purchase Office

You can use filter to filter the requisition records based on the requisition Status.

Note: The requisition records are sorted by Requested date in descending order.

The app enables you to search for the requisition records using Search on the toolbar based on keywords that matches the data available in the records.

You can use Menu to access these options:

Options Description
profile (My Requisitions) To create, submit, review and modify the requisitions.
Template(Requisition Templates) To create, review and modify the requisition templates.
Settings (Settings) To select the company and configure the default values for creating new requisitions.
sign out (Sign Out) To sign out and exit the Requisition app.
About (About) To view the details of the app version and third party or open source licenses used.