LN Project Receipts app

The Infor LN Project Receipts app enables you to manage, upload, register, and verify the receipts of purchase order along with notes and document attachments to Infor LN.

Purchase order includes information such as Item, name of the manufacturer, planned receipt date, actual receipt date, ordered quantity, received quantity, document number/packing slip, notes, and attachments. Also provides the information whether the receipt is final or not.

You can use the app to:
  • Create, modify, or delete, conform the receipts of the purchase order.
    Note: The receipts that are confirmed, cannot be deleted.
  • Add or review notes and document attachments in the receipts.
  • Review the data related to open purchase order lines for material of a selected project and period.
  • Add pictures or videos as evidence for a receipt.
  • Work on receipts in offline mode.
  • Set and change the default settings.
  • Confirm whether the receipt is attached and declare as final receipt.
    Note: The app allows you to receive the item if the date or quantity specified on the receipt must be accepted or not based on tolerances/agreements with the corresponding business partner and as defined for an item. The information could be a warning or a block. The app also shows hazardous indicator for the open PO lines if the item is Critical Safety Item and shows if any text is present for the PO.