LN Non-Conformance Reporting app

The LN Non-Conformance Reporting app enables you to report and review the non-conformance related to the products or processes.


Non-conformance or non-conformity is defined as the non-adherence or deviation from a specification, standard or expectation. Non-conformance is product specific when a product does not meet the specification or standard. Non-conformance is process specific when:
  • The operator does not adhere to the standard operating procedure
  • The material is not handled in a correct way
  • The material is not stored according to the approved procedure

As a best practice, non-conformance must be reported as and when identified. Non-conformance can be reported by a shop floor supervisor, a quality inspector or process auditor as part of a formal inspection of the item or processes.

The status of the Non-Conformance report can be:
  • Open
  • Submitted
  • Assigned
  • Dispositioned
  • Closed
  • Canceled
You can use the app to:
  • Create and report a non-conformance (product or process) from the location.
  • Set and modify the default settings
  • Specify or scan the lot and serial number of the item
  • Attach the image of the item or surrounding as evidence of the non-conformance
  • Review all the assigned non-conformances
  • Review all the open (non-dispositioned) non-conformances and for the specified period
  • Search all the non-conformances that are assigned or not assigned to the user
  • Report the non-conformances in the offline mode


The pre-requisites for the Non-Conformance Reporting mobile app are:
  1. The LN mobile app user must have a profile in the Quality user profile (qmptc0130m000) session in Infor LN to review or report the non-conformances in the app.
  2. User must be an IDM-user to upload and review the attachments.
  3. User must be assigned to Infor MingleEnterprise Role to retrieve user information from Mingle.

App Details

The user authorization is based on a Single Sign-On user name and password. You must configure the app to set the preferences when accessing the app for the first time. Based on the set preferences, you can also review the non-conformance report (NCR) for a week or a month.

You can select the week or month for which the NCR must be displayed using left arrow and right arrow on the toolbar and synchronize the data from LN by clicking refresh (Refresh) on the toolbar.
  • refresh is disabled, if the app is set to Offline mode.
  • refresh error is displayed, the synchronization of the test data with Infor LN fails.
  • refresh is displayed on an item, if the item data is not synchronized with Infor LN for the NCR.
  • left arrow and right arrow are disabled if the Offline mode is selected in the settings.
The app enables you to search the NCR records using search on the toolbar based on:
  • The NCR ID
  • The Item code
  • The NCR order origin description
  • The NCR Status.
You can use Hamburgher to access these options:
  • home (Home): To navigate, review and edit the NCR (new or existing).
  • reported (Reported by me): To review the generated NCRs.
  • settings (Settings): To configure the Non-Conformance Reporting app.
  • sign out (Sign Out): To exit the Non-Conformance Reporting app.
  • about (About): To view the details of the app version and third party libraries used.

NCRs that are displayed in the app are assigned in the Resource Assignments (qmptc1160m000) session in Infor LN.

View / Edit NCR

You can review or modify the NCR details on the Material or Non-Material tabs of the Order Details screen.