LN Depot Repair mobile application

The Infor LN Depot Repair mobile application enables you to view and check the work orders. You can also create, modify, and view a work order activity and its Material/Other resources/Notes linked to the work order.

Work order displays Work order Id, Item, Item Description, Serial number, Maintenance order id, warehouse, planned quantity, actual quantity, earliest start time, latest finish time, actual start time, actual finish time, planned start time & planned finish time.

You can use the app to:

  • Create, modify and view a work order activity.
  • Create and modify a Material resources/Other resources/Notes to a work order activity.
  • Select check-off action for Material/Labor/Other resources & Inspections.
  • Complete & Sign-Off for a work order activity.
  • Add or review picture, videos, notes and document attachments as evidence to the work order activity.
  • Start, Stop & Complete a work order activity associated assignment.
  • Review the data related to work order for the selected Operations Department/Work Center and period.
  • Work on work order activities in offline mode.
  • Set and change the default settings.
Note: In settings, by default Only show work orders assigned to me is enabled, which displays assigned work orders of the logged-in user for the selected period. The app allows you to create Activity with Released status, along with the created Activity its assignment is also created with Assigned status.