LN Customer 360 app

The LN Customer 360 app allows the user to manage the information about the account manager from LN.


  • The user using this app must do these settings in LN:
    • Sales User Profile for the user must to be added.
    • Sales Office must be defined in Sales User Profile
    • User must be defined as Internal Sales Representative in the Sales User Profile.
    • For Opportunities, the External Sales Representative of a Sold to Business Partner must be assigned/filled.
  • User must have Infor Mingle’s Security Role, IDM-User to upload and view attachments.

App Details

The Account Manager has access to this related information:

  • Customers
  • Contacts
  • Activities
  • Opportunities
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Quotes.
  • Project Contracts
  • Service Calls
  • Service Orders
  • Maintenance Sales Orders
  • Claims
  • This app is supported in both mobile and tablet mode.
  • The Customer 360 app allows the users to edit and create these components:
    • Customer
    • Activities
    • Opportunities

You can click the hamburger () option to view the Customer 360 app menu. The menu comprises of these sections:

  • Account Manager details: Displays the name and image of the account manager.
  • Origins: Displays the elements linked to that Account Manager such as Customers, Contacts, Activities, Opportunities, Sales Orders, and Sales Quotes, Project Contracts, Service Calls, Service Orders Maintenance Sales Orders and Claims.
    Note: The Origins are displayed in the mobile app only if supported in Infor LN.
  • Settings: Configures the Customer 360 app.
  • Sign Out: Disconnects from the app.