LN Call Requests app

The LN Call Requests app enables users to view and create call requests. The user is an employee of the company.


The pre-requisites for using this app are:

  1. The LN mobile app user must have a profile in the Service User Profiles session in Infor LN to view or create call requests.
  2. User must have Infor Mingle’s Security Role, IDM-User to upload and view attachments.

App Details

The app displays a list of call requests created by the user for the current month. The data is retrieved from the Calls (tsclm1600m100) session for the default LN company of the user.

The details specified for each call request:
  • Call number
  • Comment
  • Creation date
  • Status
The toolbar displays these options:
  • Month: Select the month for which the call requests must be displayed.
  • Diagnostic Tree: Click to start the traversal for troubleshooting by specifying the Item or selecting the Serial Number Item.

    Diagnostic Tree is an information structure that contains a set of questions and expected answers that helps the user to solve problems. To each related answer you can link an expected problem, an expected solution, or a follow-up question. The diagnostic tree enables:

    • Fast resolution
    • Reuse of existing knowledge
    • Accurate management information, which you can use as a feedback for planning.
  • Refresh: Click to refresh and synchronize the data with Infor LN.
  • Chart view: Displays call requests in the form of a donut chart based on the status of the requests.
  • Filter: Enables the user to filter the call requests based on Urgency and Status.

Call request details

You can click a call request to view the request details such as call number, status, assigned to, urgency, item code etc. You can also view the attachments associated with the call request.

Call request status

When a Call Request is solved, the Accept Solution option is displayed. Click this option to set the status of the call request to Accepted.