As Built Scanning app

The As-Built Scanning mobile app is used to easily view, check, and verify the as-built structure data and information of an item or product, through the list in the app or using the scanning (barcode, QR code, or NFC) functionalities. You can also upload attachments in the components linked to Item/Product.

The app enables you to work and update the as-built data in LN in a mobile working environment.

You can use the app to:

  • View the data for production orders of a selected site and period on the mobile device.
  • Retrieve Production Order data, based on:
    • Selected combination of LN Company and Site.
    • Selected date range of planned delivery date
  • View and check the as-built structure.
  • Create/edit/duplicate/delete one or more components for a header from the mobile application.
  • Scan NFC/QR Code/Bar Code to navigate between records (Production Order/Headers/Components)
  • Attach pictures/videos as main item drawings of a header.
  • Validate a Item/Product header.
  • See details of item/product.
  • Set the default settings.