Opportunity details screen

The Opportunity details screen includes this information:

  • Opportunity Number: The number used by a sales person to record and monitor sales information related to a business partner. The purpose is to sell a product or service to this business partner.
  • Opportunity Description: The description of the opportunity.
  • Information: Background details on the opportunity.
  • Status: The status of the opportunity. Possible values are:
    • Preliminary
    • In Process
    • Dead
    • Cancelled
    • Won
    • Lost.
  • Sold-to Business Partner: The business partner who orders goods or services from the organization, who owns the configurations you maintain, or for whom you perform a project.
  • Assigned to: The sales representative to whom the opportunity is assigned.
  • Sales Process: A standard sales methodology that must be followed when working on an opportunity.
  • Phase: The identification of a stage or phase in the sales process such as analysis, proposal, negotiation.
  • Sales Office: A department that is identified in the company business model to manage the business partner's sales relations. The sales office is used to identify the locations that are responsible for the organization's sales activities.
  • Expected Revenue: The revenue that is expected from the opportunity.
  • First Contact: The date on which the first contact is made with the business partner.
  • Expected Close Date: The date the business partner is expected to decide on the opportunity.
  • Attachments: You can view or add attachments. You can capture image/video or select existing image/video/any file.

    The added attachments can be viewed with “InforOpportunity” context in Related Information Context app for LN in Infor OS by selecting an Opportunity in the Opportunities (tdsmi1110m000) or in the Opportunity (tdsmi1610m000) session in LN.