Reviewing assignment details in Depot Repair application

  1. Select the required work order from the list of available work orders.
  2. Select the required activity in the Activity screen.
  3. Select the Assignments screen.
  4. Review this information:
    Work Order/ Activity Line
    The code of the work order.
    Activity Status
    The status of the Activity. Possible values:
    • Free
    • Planned
    • Released
    • Completed
    • Signed-Off
    • Transferred
    • Closed
    • Canceled
    Assignment Status
    The status of the assignment. Possible values:
    • Assigned
    • Accepted
    • Started
    • Completed
    • Rejected
    Assignment Line
    The sequence number of the engineer if multiple engineers are defined for the work order.
    Note: A single engineer can have the sequence number.
    Service Engineer
    The name and code of the employee who worked on the assignment.
    Planned Start Time
    The planned date on which the activity must start.
    Planned Finish Time
    The planned date on which the activity must be completed.
    Actual Start Time
    The actual start time and date of the assignment
    Actual Finish Time
    The actual finish time and date of the assignment.
  5. Click Start to start the assignment.
  6. Click Stop to stop the assignment.
  7. Click Complete to complete the assignment.
    Note: The Completed and Rejected assignments are not displayed in the assignments list.