Attendee List

The Attendee List (ttcmf2122m000) session allows you to build a list of attendees for an appointment to be sent. The functionality of this session is similar to the sessions described earlier.

Note: In LN, you can start this session from the Appointment (tccom6600m100) and Call (tccom6600m200) sessions, by double-clicking a record on the Attendees tab.

The session contains these fields:

  • Name

    The display name of the recipient is entered here. You can optionally zoom to an address book to get a recipient from there.

  • Attendee Type

    The type of attendee, which can be Employee, Contact, or Other.

  • Email

    The attendee's e-mail-address, which must be manually specified if the attendee is of the Other type.

  • Attendance

    This is the attendance status of the recipient. The possible values allowed here are Meeting Organizer, Required Attendee, Optional Attendee, Resource.