Validating As Built Header

  1. Click ellipses. The Header Item selection window is displayed.
  2. Select Item details to view this information:
    Production Order
    The order to produce the specified quantity of an item on the specified delivery date.
    Note: The list of lot codes displayed are retrieved from the timfc0610m00 session in Infor LN.
    The site for which the production order is created.
    Note: The list of sites displayed are retrieved from the Sites (tcemm0150m000) session in Infor LN. You must specify three characters on the Search bar to retrieve the list of related Sites.
    Item/Product Number
    The code of the item linked to the production order.
    Item/Product description
    The description of the item linked to the production order.
    Serial Number
    The serial number of the item.
    The code and description of the warehouse. The default warehouse should be defaulted from the Warehouse User Profiles.
    Note: You can change the default warehouse from the available Warehouse list (whwmd2500m000).
    Completion Date
    The planned finish date of the production order.
  3. Click Main Item Drawings to attach the attachments to the Production Order.
  4. Click Validate to validate the Item/Product.
    Note: If the Serial/LOT number of a Components in the Item/Product are missing, it cannot be validated.