Coverage Line details

The Coverage Line details screen displays the details of the coverage line. A classification of the activities and costs related to a call, according to the terms that have been defined in the contract. This screen includes these information:

  • Coverage Line Number: The coverage line number of the item. Lines that store the information on the costs incurred, amounts to be invoiced, and the amounts covered by the applicable contract and/or warranty. Most coverage lines are added through the maintenance sales order process, but can also be manually entered.
  • Line Number: The line number of the coverage.
  • MSO Number: The MSO number of the item.
  • Cost Type: The cost type linked to the coverage line.
  • Total Sales Amount: The total sales amount of the coverage line.
  • Total Cost Amount: The total cost amount of the coverage line.
  • Invoice Sales Amount: The sales amount of the coverage invoice.
  • Invoice Cost Amount: The cost amount of the invoice.
  • Net Sales Amount: The net sales amount of the coverage line.