Configuring the default values in project receipt mobile app

  1. Click Menu on the homepage toolbar.
  2. Select Settings. The Settings screen is displayed.
  3. Specify this information:
    The default company code in which the receipts are created. The list of companies is retrieved from the Companies (ttaad1100m000) session in Infor LN.
    The default project can be selected from the available list.
    Download open orders up to next
    The date range for which the data can be viewed. Possible values:
    • Day (+1)
    • Week
    • Month
    • Year

    The user can select up until which moment in time open order lines in Procurement for the specified project are to show. All options are up to and including either next day, week = + 7 days after current date, month = + 31 days, or year = + 365 days and consider the (planned) receipt date. Current day + 1 day will be the default.

    Include backlog data
    If the check box is selected, the data of the purchase orders that are before to the date range that the user selected are included.
    Camera image quality
    The default resolution of images or videos of attachments that are captured. Possible options:
    • Low
    • Medium
    • High
    • This option is only applicable for the uploading of the attachments to IDM.
    • By default, the value is set to Low. However, you can modify the value.
    Offline mode
    If this option is enabled, the user can use the app in offline mode.
    Note: To select the offline mode, user need to setup a passcode. The specified or modified data in the receipts cannot be synchronised when offline mode is enabled. To synchronise the data, offline mode must be disabled.
    If the user disables the offline mode after using the app in offline mode, the “One or more data entries are not synchronized with backend. Do you want to sync?” is displayed. The user can select one of these options to synchronize or discard the offline changes in the app:
    • Sync to server
    • Discard and proceed
    • Dismiss
    Debug Mode
    Indicates the status of the debug mode for the app. Possible values:
    • On (Enabled)
    • Off (Disabled)