Service Order Hours

Use this screen to specify the hours required for the task related to the service order task.
Note: Service orders are displayed only if the logged in user has any assignments assigned and selected week is after the assignment’s Planned Start Date and prior to the Planned Finish Date of the service order activity.
You can specify this information:
  • Service Order: The service order assigned to the user.
    Note: You can also set the Service Order by scanning the bar code, using the scan icon.
  • Activity: The activity linked to the specified service order.
  • Cost Type: The category used to register the type of costs. Possible values are:
    • Labor Line
    • Travel Line
  • Task: The task that must be performed for the specified service order.
  • Working Time Schedule: A schedule used to define the number of working hours per day and distribute these hours according to different labor types. As a result, different labor rates can be used for regular time and overtime.
    Note: User can either specify Working Time Schedule or Labor Type while saving hours. The default Working Time Schedule is defaulted from People User Profiles or Employee People data.
  • Labor Type: The classification of work performed for the task. The time of day when the work is performed (normal working hours or overtime).
  • Start Date: The date on which the user starts the service order assignment.
  • Start Time: The time at which the user starts the service order assignment.
  • Work Hours: The number of hours utilized for the activity or task.
  • Attachments: The image/video that is attached to each log. You can capture an image/video or select an existing image/video.
    Note: When you select a record in the Service Order Hours (bptmm1130m000) session, the attachment related to the Service Order Hours is displayed in the Related Information context app for LN in Infor OS.
  • Notes: A short description providing additional information.