App Details

The Work Orders or My Work Orders screen displays the Work Orders that are created in Infor LN. Each order on the home screen displays information such as Work Order number, Item, Warehouse, and status of the work order. Work Orders displayed are based on the selected combination of LN Company, Operation Departments, Work Centers, and Display period or work orders assigned to the user(employee) for the selected period.

You can click Menu to access these options:

Options Description
Work Orders To view the work orders based on settings configured.
My Team To view the list of employees working with the Supervisor and the work order(s) assigned to each employee.
Note: This option is enabled only when logged-in user is a supervisor.
Settings To select the company and configure the default values for the available Work Orders.
Sign Out To sign out and exit the Depot Repair application.
About To view the details of the application version and third party or open-source licenses used.