Data Filtering Criteria

This table displays the list of data filtering criteria based on which the data is displayed in the application.

Table 1.
Component Specific Date fields Status
Invoices Due Date

Appointment – End Date

Task – Due Date

Not Started, In Process, Deferred, Planned, Held, Not Held, Completed, Waiting on Someone Else
Opportunities Expected Close Date Preliminary, In Process, Dead, Cancelled, Won, Lost
Sales Quotes Expiry Date Created, Approved, Printed, Processed
Sales Orders Planned Delivery date of Lines Free, Approved, In Process, Closed
Service Orders

Activity Planned Start Time

Activity Actual Start Time

Free, Planned, Released
Maintenance Sales Orders Finish Time Free, Released, In Process, Completed, Costed
Service Calls Reported Time Registered, Assigned, In Process, Transferred, Solved, Accepted
Claims Creation Date Free, Modified, Pending Approval, Approved, Rejected
Project Contracts Contract Award Date Free, On Hold, Active, Canceled