Claim Details

This screen displays the details of the claims. The Claim Details screen includes these information:

  • Claim Number: The claim number of the item.
  • Description: The description of the claim.
  • Status: The claim status.
  • Sold-to BP: The name of the sold-to-business partner for the item.
  • Installation Group: The installation group of the item. A set of serialized items that have the same location and are owned by the same business partner. Grouping serialized items into an installation group enables you to maintain them collectively.
  • Invoice Procedure: The invoicing procedure applicable for the customer claims.
  • Item: The code of the item.
  • Serial Number: The serial number of the item.
  • Internal Sales Representative: The employee responsible for the sales of the item.
  • Creation date: The date and time when the claim is created for the item.
  • Coverage time: The coverage time of the call for which a pricing contract, a coverage contract, or a warranty is defined for the customer claims.
  • Coverage type: The type of coverage applicable to the customer claims.
  • Warranty: The warranty applicable for the customer claims.
  • Service contract: The service contract that is used for the customer claim.
  • Claimed Amount: The amount that is claimed for the item.
  • Attachments : You can view or add attachments. You can also capture image/video or select existing image/video/any file.
Note: The added attachments can be viewed using the ’InforERPEnterpriseServiceCustomerClaim’ context in Related Information Context application for Infor LN in Infor OS by selecting a claim in the Customer Claim (tscmm1600m100) session in Infor LN.