Project (PCS) Hours

Use this screen to specify the hours required for the task related to the PCS project.
Note: The week you select must be after the Start Date and prior to the Finish Date of the project.
You can specify this information:
  • Project: The code of the PCS project for which hours are logged.
    Note: You can also set the Project code by scanning the bar code, using the scan icon.
  • Activity: The activity linked to the specified project.
  • Task: The task that must be performed for the specified PCS project.
  • Working Time Schedule: A schedule used to define the number of working hours per day and distribute these hours according to different labor types. As a result, different labor rates can be used for regular time and overtime.
    Note: User can either specify Working Time Schedule or Labor Type while saving hours. The default Working Time Schedule is defaulted from People User Profiles or Employee People data.
  • Labor Type: The classification of work performed for the task. The time of day when the work is performed (normal working hours or overtime).
  • Work Center: The code of the work center used for the production area.
  • Machine: The code of the machine on which the Task/Activity is performed to produce the items.
  • Start Date: The date on which the user starts the tasks.
  • Start Time: The time at which the user starts the tasks.
  • Work Hours: The number of hours utilized to perform the activity or task.
  • Machine Hours: The number of hours required by a machine for a specific order or project.
  • Attachments: The image/video that is attached to each log. You can capture an image/video or select an existing image/video.
    Note: When you select a record in the Project (PCS) Hours (bptmm1170m000) session, the attachment related to the Project (PCS) Hours is displayed in the Related Information context app for LN in Infor OS.
  • Notes: A short description providing additional information.