Working on an Assignment

To work on an assignment:

  1. Select the date on the My Assignments screen.
  2. Click on the assignment. The Assignment details screen is displayed.
  3. The Assignment details include Business Object ID, Task Description, Status, Planned Start Time, Planned Duration, Location, Actual Start Time and Actual End Time.
    • The Actual Start Time and Actual End Time are displayed only after the assignment is started.
    • If the Enable Location Tracking option in the Settings screen is enabled, the user is allowed to register device’s GPS location by clicking on the location icon when ever the Start and Complete/Finish actions are performed on an assignment.
    • The Location is displayed only for the Project and the Service Order Origins.
  4. Click Start to start an assignment. This option is only enabled, if an assignment status is Not Started.
    • The Stop and Finish options are only enabled, if the assignment is started.
    • The Accept, Reject and Complete options are available only for Service Order. For a service order assignment, Start and Reject are enabled only when an assignment is Accepted. Complete is enabled only when an assignment is Started.
    • You can click to view the notes associated with the assignment/task. This feature is enabled only when there are notes related to the assignment/task.
    • The planned duration is calculated based on the calendar availability hours of the user. The planned duration is displayed only in Hours. If the planned duration is represented in any other UOM’s in LN, the app converts the UOM of the planned duration in to Hours.
    The status of an assignment is also updated in LN in the respective order.