Budget control in Warehousing

The Budget Control functionality is used by government institutions, government agencies, city councils, hospitals, and so on, to track and control budget related business transactions.

To enable Budget Control, you must select the Budget Control check box in the Implemented Software Components (tccom0100s000) session. The Budget Account Distribution (tcbgc1100m000) session is used for integration between Budget Control and Warehousing module. The Budget Control data is defaulted to the Warehousing based on this session.

Budget control concepts

  • Budget Check

    Budget check determines the availability of budget for utilization. The budget can be used by purchase requisition, purchase order, goods receipt, purchase invoice and so on. You can define the budget checking parameters in the Companies (tcemm1170m000) session. Budget checking is executed on documents like receipts, issues and so on.

    You can specify the following in the Budget Control Policy (tfbgc0110m000) session:

    • If budget must be checked for a specific document type or business object
    • If budget check must be executed for a line when the document line is saved or when the document for each line is approved.
  • Budget transactions

    When a budget is checked, a budget transaction is stored in LN.

  • Budget exceptions

    If a budget check fails, an exception message is generated in LN. The budget check can fail due to reasons like:

    • Budget is exceeded
    • Budget account is missing
    • Budget is blocked
    • An error occurs

    In case of an exception the document is blocked and cannot be processed. The Budget Exception check box is selected on the document line. The exceptions are managed by authorized users like budget holders, financial managers, controllers and so on. To process the document the exception has to be resolved. Use Check Budget command to repeat the budget check on the document. When the budget check is successful, the Budget Exception check box is cleared in the document and the Budget Account Distribution (tcbgc1100m000) session.

  • Document

    In Warehousing, a document or a document line is a receipt line for purchase receipts or a warehouse (manual) order line for manual Production or Service issues or returns. To initialize integration document type for transaction origin Budget Control, use the Budget Control tab in the Initialize Mapping Scheme Data (tcfin0210m000) session to select the applicable Integration Document Types for Transaction Origin and Elements for Business Object. These integration document types are used to populate ledger accounts and dimensions on the warehouse outbound order lines.

    When a document line is manually created, you must also create manually the corresponding data in the Budget Account Distribution (tcbgc1100m000) session.

  • Document changes

    You can still make changes to a document after the document has passed the budget check. You can change the quantity, amount, currency, dates and transaction type. After the change, the budget is checked again when you save or (re-)approve the document.

    When a document line is rejected, cancelled or deleted (before processing, not during archiving) the budget check is re-applied with a zero amount to reverse the budget account balances.

    When a document is copied, the Budget Account Distribution (tcbgc1100m000) data must also be copied to the new document lines.