Project control inquiries and reports

During the execution of a project, use the control inquiries and report sessions to monitor projects. You can make inquiries and print reports for project control purposes. Data is extracted from several sessions for the overview of the control data. The project control inquiries and the project monitoring reports include the budget, budget adjustments, and budget extensions, in combination with the unit costs, revenues, commitments, actual progress, and forecasts, for final results. You can view and print control data at various levels, and in a number of ways.

Note:  Overhead costs are not included in the progress and monitoring process.

All inquiries provide this information:

  • Budget

    The budgeted amount or budgeted quantities as shown in the control data.
  • Actual

    The project actual costs or quantities utilized(posted to history). The data can be for the current period, or for all periods up to the current period. In addition, this value can include or exclude commitments.
  • Performed

    The project unit costs or quantities utilized (earned value). The performed is calculated using this formula: actual progress * budget .
  • Result

    The difference between the actual costs and the performed (Cost Variance).

    You can view this data at these levels:

    • Project
    • Element
    • Activity
    • Extension

Sort the overviews by:

  • Cost type
  • Cost component
  • Control code

Infor LN provides several drill-down capabilities that can be used to review and monitor the project progress. For example, you can initiate an inquiry for all projects, perform a drill-down for a particular project to view the cost type, cost component, element, extension, or activity. You can drill-down further, for example, to one of the elements for viewing the cost type. You can also drill-down to the actual inquiries of the control codes. All inquiries for the previously mentioned levels provide an overview of the budget, actual costs, performed, and the results.

Additional information provided as part of project inquiries:

  • Revenues

    The revenues posted to history for all periods up to the current period..
  • Forecast

    The additional revenues/unit costs/quantities forecast for the end of the project, anticipated at the end of the current period.
  • Work in progress (wip)

    The way in which the work in progress is calculated depends on the setting of the WIP parameters in the Project Accounting Parameters (tpppc0500m000) session:
    • Values including and excluding commitments
    • Cumulative and periodic values