Multiline / External Editor (tttxt2230s000)

Use this session to edit texts.

Depending on the authorization, you can edit or read the text. Super users always have authorization to edit texts. The authorization for Help texts also depends on their status, which is set in the Status in Current Language field in the Help Topics (ttadv1160s000) session.

Note: A text can be edited by one user at a time. If you try to edit a text while it is being edited by another user, this message is displayed:
Text is locked by user <username>.

Import file

You can enter the path of a text file that you want to import into the current text. Tools imports the file into the text that is currently open.

Export file

You can enter the path to which you want to export the text file. With this option, you can save the text as a file outside Tools.


Saves the text in Tools.


The Print Texts (tttxt1400s000) session is started. By using this session you can print a selection of texts. The current text is selected by default. Tools prints the last version of the text that was saved in the data dictionary.

Change keywords

The Texts (tttxt1105s000) session is started. You can use this session to change the keywords for the current text.


The Help text code is disconnected from the software component.

Fast copy text

You can copy (part of) another text in Tools. If you select a text in the zoom session, the text is displayed in a second text editor (in read-only mode). You can then copy and paste the text.


The text editor is closed. If you made changes to the current text, Tools asks if you want to save your changes before you exit.

Change language

You can change the language of the editor. The editor opens a new document.

Copy/change language

You can copy a text from a source language to a destination language. The editor opens the copied text in the destination language.

Start zoom session

You can zoom to one of various display sessions. If you double-click a record, the label is copied into your text at the current cursor position.

Show label description

Use this option to display the description of a label at the bottom of the screen. You must first select the label.

Select topic

You can zoom to an overview of the available Help topics. If you double-click a record, the label is copied into your text at the current cursor position. By default, Tools adds an at sign (@) to the label. Only the description of the label is then displayed in the Help viewer. If you remove the at sign (@), the label functions as a hyperlink to the Help text it belongs to.


Starts the session Help.