Print Texts (tttxt1400s000)

Use this session to print text data, such as keywords, number of lines, date, and the text itself. You can sort the output by text number or keyword(s).

You can select the texts by text group, by keyword in the main language, and by text number. If you sort the texts by text number, you can enter a range of languages to print the data for. If you sort the texts by keyword, you can select a second language. You can also print the texts and the names of the text fields where the texts are used.

Note: You can only print the Help texts (user documentation) if the company number is '000'.

Field Information

Sort by

The key by which you can sort the output.

Report Width

You can select a report width of 132 columns or 215 columns.

Main Language

The language for selecting the ranges of keywords. This is also the language in which the text (data) is printed.

Second Language

The second language that is printed. If this field is blank, only the texts, keywords, and modification date of the main language are printed.


You can only access this field if you sort one of the following:

  • Keywords 1-4
  • Keyword 1
  • Keyword 2
  • Keyword 3
  • Keyword 4
Print Where Used

If this check box is selected, Tools prints the where-used information by text.

Note: The printing of where-used information can take some time.