Delete or Print Unused Texts (tttxt1210m000)

Use this session to delete or print texts that are no longer used. These texts have no connection with a text field. The texts are deleted in all languages.

You can select the texts by:

  • Text group.
  • Keyword in the defined language.
  • Text number.

You can:

  • Print the unused texts.
  • Delete the unused texts.
  • Print and delete the unused texts
Note: You can only run this session if you are a super user.

LN considers a text unused if the corresponding reference counter is 0. If the reference counters are not OK, the session can unintentionally remove texts that are still in use.

Therefore, before you run this session, you must check whether the reference counters are OK and repair the counters that are not correct. To do this, run the Reorganize Tables (ttaad4225m000) session, with the following check boxes selected:

  • Reference Integrity
  • Repair Reference Counter

Field Information


The language in which Tools searches for the unused texts in order to delete these texts.


If this check box is selected, all unused texts in the selection that you made, are removed.