Report Viewer (ttstpdisplay )

Use this session to display and navigate the output of reports on your screen.

Apart from the pulldown menu "options" and the toolbar buttons you can use the following keyboard commands:

Command / Keyboard button Description
/ Find string or Find next string
Ctrl-F Find string
Esc or Del Interrupt action
PgDn Next page
PgUp Previous page
Home First page
End Last page
Tab Scroll right for width reports
Backtab Scroll left for width reports
R or r Read tail
: n Go to page number n
Cursor keys Scroll up, down, left, right

When you enter the command "Read tail" (R) the program goes directly to the last page. Every 5 seconds the program will read the last page and scroll if new data is received. The "Read tail" process stops when another command is given. It is useful for displaying unfinished reports.

If you cancel the display browser before all data has been received, the process will continue. Later you can display or print the report again using the Device Queue (ttaad3520m000) session.