Data Upgrade Tasks (ttspt2520m000)

Use this session to display the upgrade programs for a company in a data upgrade run.

You can sort the upgrade tasks in different ways:

  • Upgrade Tasks by Company
  • Upgrade Tasks by Real Status
  • Upgrade Task by Simulation Status

Actions/Reference menu

This option is available:

Global Change Source Feature Pack

Starts the Global Change Source Feature Pack (ttspt2220m000) session.

Field Information

Package Combination
Run Number
Upgrade Program

The package code of the upgrade program.

Upgrade Program

The module code of the upgrade program.

Upgrade Program

The library code of the upgrade program.

Source Feature Pack

The number of the source feature pack for which the upgrade program performs an upgrade.

The source feature pack defines the steps the upgrade program will perform.



You can change the source feature pack in these sessions:

  • Data Upgrade Tasks (ttspt2520m100)
  • Global Change Source Feature Pack (ttspt2220m000)

    You can start this session in the appropriate menu.

Runtime Class

The runtime class of the upgrade program. If a batch contains multiple upgrade programs whose pre-requisites have been executed, these programs are started based on their runtime class.

Possible values

  • Huge
  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small
  • None

First the upgrade programs with Runtime Class Huge are executed. Then the Large programs are executed. Subsequently the Medium programs are executed. Finally the Small programs are executed.

Upgrade programs with Runtime Class None do not have to be executed, but can be a prerequisite for other programs.

A task can have a higher runtime class than its prerequisite. During execution, the prerequisite gets this higher class.

Real Run Status

The real status of the upgrade step.

Possible values

Initialized The characteristics of the upgrade program have been retrieved and stored in the other fields of the record.
Running The upgrade program is running.
Failed The upgrade program finished with errors or aborted.
Completed The upgrade program finished correctly. The same upgrade step may be present for other companies for which the tables are logically linked.
Released The upgrade program succeeded. The status for logically linked upgrade programs is updated to Released.

The batch to which the upgrade program belongs.

Possible values

  • First
  • Middle
  • Last

During a data upgrade run, first the upgrade programs of the First Batch are executed. Then the Middle Batch is executed. Finally the Last Batch is executed.

Attention Needed

If this check box is selected, the upgrade task requires additional actions, although it may have succeeded.

Logfiles Present

If this check box is selected, the upgrade program created log files during its execution.

Result Description

A short description of the result of the upgrade program's execution.

Possible values

Value Description
Newer upgrade program detected A newer object of the upgrade program is found on disk. Re-initialization of the data upgrade run is required.
Internal error in Data Upgrade Engine process The communication between the DUE scheduler and the additional servers failed.


  • Troubleshooting (OP-CE)
  • "Parallel Application Processing Tracing" in the Infor ES Programmers Guide (Infor Support Portal KB 22924522)
Switch to Company %1$s failed The upgrade task has to run for the company mentioned, but for some (unknown) reason the company cannot be used.
Library '%1$s' or function '%2$s' not found During initialization, the library was present, but during execution it is not available.
Source Feature Pack not found Internal error. The source feature pack is not available in the startup message of the upgrade program.
Stopped Manually The user cancelled the execution of the upgrade run at the moment this upgrade task was running.
Upgrade task ended abnormally The upgrade task ended. The reason for this can be found in the error file that is created. See Troubleshooting (OP-CE).
Data upgrade not needed

It was not required to run this task. This can be for several reasons:

  • The source feature pack did already contain the functionality for which data is upgraded in this task.
  • The part in LN, for which this task is meant, is not implemented.
Data upgrade completed successfully; no process report present  
Data upgrade completed successfully; process report present  
Upgrade program completed, error messages reported The upgrade could be done, but some attention is needed.
Upgrade program interrupted, error messages reported Dependent upgrade tasks are skipped.
Upgrade program completed, logical table(s) detected  
Upgrade engine interrupted; Cannot open process report (of upgrade program) Dependent upgrade tasks are skipped.
Server Number

The actual server (bshell) where the upgrade program was executed.

Number of Restarts

The number of times the upgrade program was started before it succeeded.

Physical Company

The physical company for which the program was executed. This field is filled if the upgrade program did not have to run for the company specified in the Company field.

When the physical company is processed, the upgrade step is marked as Released.

First Start Date

The date and time the upgrade program was executed for the first time.

Last Start Date

The date and time the upgrade program was executed for the last time.

Last Failure Date

The date and time the last failure occurred during execution of the upgrade program.

Completion Date

The date and time the Real Run Status of the upgrade program was set to Completed.

Release Date

The date and time the upgrade program succeeded.

Simulation Run Status

The simulation status of the upgrade step.

Possible values

Attention Needed
Logfiles Present
Result Description
Server Number
Number of Restarts
Physical Company
First Start Date
Last Start Date
Last Failure Date
Completion Date
Release Date