Data Upgrade Engine (ttspt1200m000)

The data upgrade engine is a framework that executes application data upgrade programs.

Note: This session is only used till Infor Enterprise Server 8.6. From Infor Enterprise Server 8.7, you must use the Data Upgrade Runs (ttspt2500m000) session instead.

The data upgrade engine can be started in two different ways:

  1. Use the Change Package Combination by Company (ttaad1101m000) session.
  2. Manually. You can always start the data upgrade engine manually. In case the Installation Wizard or the Change Package Combination by Company (ttaad1101m000) session did not start the data upgrade engine, it can always be started after wards.

During the execution of the data upgrade engine a progress indicator is displayed.


This action is available:

Click Process to start the upgrade programs for the accessible companies, the companies the user is authorized for, within the selection.

Field Information

Package Combination

The processed package combination.


The processed company. It is possible to fill a range of companies (within the selected package combination). During the processing of a company an application lock will be set for the concerning company, so a data upgrade can not be executed twice simultaneously for the same company. A check wether the user is authorized for a company will also be performed.


If this check box is selected, the test-/simulation mode will run the upgrade without actualizing the transactions. In test-/simulation mode a simulation size can be entered in the Simulation size field.

Simulation size

The maximum number of records to be processed by each upgrade program in simulation mode. If the Simulation size is 0, all records will be processed.

Path logfile(s)

Common directory of the process-/error reports (log files) of the individual upgrade programs. Default: ${BSE}/log/UpgradeEngine/.