Print Support Information (ttsit0400m000)

Use this session to print the support information.

If all check boxes are cleared, the session prints only the information that is displayed in the Support Information Tool (ttsit0100m000) session. You can use the check boxes to print the following additional information:

  • The contents of the table definition file ${BSE}/lib/tabledef6.2 (e.g. which tables are linked to which database type, database parameters).
  • The contents of the Inter-Process Communications file ${BSE}/lib/ipc_info. This file contains the name, path and protocol (e.g. s - socket or p - pipe) for the bshells and database drivers.
  • All default settings that are stored in the files in the ${BSE}/lib/defaults directory.
  • The contents of the Database Administration (DBA) files: database users, groups, parameters, and storage information.
  • The contents of the Logical/Physical Company Number table (ttaad420).