Destinations (ttrpi3530m000)

This session shows the destinations for a document.


These options are available:

Release Failure for Retry
Starts the Release Failures for Retry (ttrpi3215m000)session.
Starts the Cancel Batches (ttrpi3221m000)session.
Undo Cancellation
Starts the Undo Cancellation of Batches (ttrpi3222m000)session.
Repeat Distributions
Starts the Repeat Distributions (ttrpi3218m000)session.
Release On Hold Destinations
Starts the Repeat Distributions (ttrpi3218m000)session.

Field Information

Distribution ID

Unique identifier of the distribution for the document.

Destination ID

Unique identifier of the destination for the distribution.

Destination Type

The destination type.

Allowed values

Email, Print, Fax, Infor Document Management or Custom

Custom Destination

The name of the Custom Destination.

Available if Destination Type is Custom.


The destination address. For example, an e-mail address or a printer.

The Address field is blank if the Destination Type is email. The email addresses of recipients are shown in the Email Recipients (ttrpi3535m000) session.


The status of the destination.

Allowed values


The document is created, distribution is not started.


The document is being sent to this destination.


The document is sent to this destination.


Sending the document to this destination has failed. The failure reason is filled.


Distribution to this destination has been canceled.

On Hold

Distribution to this destination is set on hold. This is done when new destinations are created manually or automatically for a range of batches and/or documents. Addresses can be reviewed and changed if needed before the real distribution takes place.

Failure Reason

Shows the error occurred during distribution.