Documents (ttrpi3510m000)

For details about the fields in this session, see the online help of the Document (ttrpi3510m100) session.


These options are available:

View Rendered Document (Internal Only)
Starts the View Document (ttrpi3110s000)session.

The current user is checked on whether the correct authorizations are available for the document company and for printing the initiating session of the document.

Render Document
Renders the selected documents.
Sign Document
Starts the View Document (ttrpi3110s200)session.
Create Distribution
Starts the Create Distribution (ttrpi3220m000)session.
Release Failures for Retry
Starts the Release Failures for Retry (ttrpi3215m000)session.
Starts the Cancel Batches (ttrpi3221m000)session.
Undo Cancellation
Starts the Undo Cancellation of Batches (ttrpi3222m000)session.

Field Information

Batch ID

The unique identifier of the batch: creation timestamp + sequence number.

Document ID

Unique identifier of the document within the batch.


The status of the document.

Allowed values

  • Prepared

    LN print session has completed the ‘raw’ document.

  • Rendering

    The document is being rendered.

  • Rendered

    The document is rendered.

  • Distributing

    The document is being distributed.

  • Canceled

    Document is canceled. No distribution is done.

  • Completed

    Document distribution is completed. Note that a document will also get the status completed if it is sent to at least one destination.

Creation Date

The date and time the document was created.

Failures Present

Shows if any error occurred during rendering or distribution.

Keyword 1

Keyword as defined in Document Types.

Keyword 2

Keyword as defined in Document Types.

Keyword 3

Keyword as defined in Document Types.

Keyword 4

Keyword as defined in Document Types.