Update Batches with Common Security Settings (ttrpi3202m000)

Use this session to add the Data Security Variables that are linked to the 'Common Security Object', as document variables to documents of the specified document type.

This security mechanism verifies the common data authorization and security rules for the current user. Use this session for DOM documents that already existed when the DOM Document Type was configured for Common Security integration. Those documents lack this security and must be changed.

When a security variable already exists as document variable, the document variable is not updated.

Field Information

Document Type

Select a configured DOM Document Type.

Common Security Object

This field is filled automatically after you selected a document type.

Variable Mapping

Select up to a maximum of seven 'Common Security Object' - related report rule and data security variables.

Select existing Report Rule Variables that were present before the security mechanism configuration.


Select a batch of company numbers.

Batch ID

Select a batch with creation timestamp + sequence number.

Keyword 1

Select a range of document keyword 1 values.

Keyword 2

Select a range of document keyword 2 values.

Keyword 3

Select a range of document keyword 3 values.

Keyword 4

Select a range of document keyword 4 values.