Properties (ttrpi3130s100)

This session runs in a panel in the Send to other Email Destination (ttrpi3130s300) session.

Use this session to send a document to other email destinations.

Field Information


The From address.

Default value

The first appropriate mail From address of the Document Type.


The To address.


A comma separated list of cc-addresses.


A comma separated list of bcc-addresses.


The subject.

Default value

The first appropriate subject of the Document Type.

Body Content

Select an option to specify which kind of the email body you want to use.

Default value

If there is an appropriate body part defined at the Document Type, the From Document Type option is selected by default.

If not available the Predefined option is selected, if there is at least one predefined email body. In this case a predefined email body can be selected. If not available, the Free option is selected.


The file name.

Default value

The first appropriate Document Filename of the Document Type.

Additional Attachments

A semi-colon separated list of additional attachments. Browse and select one or more additional files from your local system, to add as additional attachments to the email.