Document Provider Rules (ttrpi2558m000)

Use this session to define the provider rules.

A document provider rule is the linking pin between the document type and the document provider. For one document provider more document provider rules can exist. Based on an expression linked to the document provider rule the correct rule is selected.

With the (custom) document provider you declare the available data fields when a document is created. These data fields can be mapped to document type variables in a (custom) document provider rule.

Double-click on a document provider rule to open the Document Provider Rule (ttrpi2558m100) session.

Field Information

Document Provider

The provider the rule belongs to.

When a new document provider rule is created the default rule description is the description of the document provider.


A unique identification of the document provider rule. A document provider can have multiple rules; one of rules will be applied during the document preparation phase.

Is Default

If this check box is selected, the document provider rule is the default provider. The default is selected if none of the other document provider rules satisfy the conditions in their conditional expression.

Condition Expression

A boolean expression. The expression to be validated when this is not the default rule. The Text Manager is started to edit the condition expression.

Instead of mapping to a simple expression being a document provider, you can edit an expression text to calculate the mapping. This is not possible for the default report rule.

Document Type

The document type to be used. A zoom is present to the Document Types (ttrpi2510m000) session.

Is Valid

If this check box is selected, the rule is valid.

Indicates whether the document provider rule is valid. Invalid rules cannot be used. Use the Validate and Compile command to validate the rule.