Document Providers (ttrpi2556m000)

Use this session to change or create a new document provider. Besides printing to the Document Output Management device, documents can be added to Document Output Management through a (custom) document provider. With a (custom) document provider, documents can be created in Document Output Management and provided in the format that can be distributed.

Double-click on a document provider to open the Document Provider (ttrpi2556m100) session.

Field Information

Document Provider

The unique identifier of the document provider.

With a document provider (DP) you can declare an external DOM document source.


A description to explain what the document provider does.

Document Provider Library

Specify the name of the document provider library. With the document provider library you can implement the document provider interface. This interface is used by DOM to get information from the document provider.

To use a document provider and add documents to Document Output management you must write LN code. The LN code is written in the document provider library.

For more information, see Infor LN Document Output Management User Guide.

Library Description

A description of what the library does.