Document Type BOD Specifications (ttrpi2545m000)

Use this session to add a BOD specification to a Document Type.

Multiple BOD specifications can be defined at the document type each with its own mapping.

This session is added as a satellite session to the Document Type (ttrpi2510m100) session. This satellite is only available if the LN application supports sending a document as BOD attachment.

When a new BOD specification is added, the Document Type BOD Specifications (ttrpi2545m100) session is opened.

Field Information

Document Type

The unique identifier of the document type.

The document type determines how the document is constructed and how it is sent to one or more destinations. A BOD specification can be added to a Document Type.

BOD Name

The InvoiceSalesFP8BOD is for now the only BOD that you can use.


The description of the BOD Name.