Report Rules (ttrpi2520m000)

Use this session to define the report rules. A report rule links an LN report to a document type and holds the mapping of report variables to document variables.

Double-click on a report rule to open the Report Rule (ttrpi2520m100) session.

Field Information


A report code as it is defined in the Reports (ttadv3530m000) session.


A unique identification of the report rule. A report can have multiple rules; one of rules will be applied during the document preparation phase.

Is Default

Select this check box if this report rule is the default one. The default is selected if none of the other report rules satisfy the conditions in their conditional expression.

Condition Expression

A boolean expression. If the expression is true, this rule is used. The Text Manager is started to edit the condition expression. This is not possible for the default report rule.

Document Type

The document type the documents are linked to when this report is printed.


Indicates whether the report rule is valid. Invalid report rules cannot be used. Use the Validate and Compile command to validate the report rule.

Report Server

The report server, which must be used for rendering the report. If this field is left empty, the classic LN report design is used. The report server can be of type Infor Reporting or Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

Render Format

The format to which the report will be rendered.

Allowed values

  • PDF

    The result of the rendering will be a PDF file.

  • Excel

    The result of the rendering will be an Excel file. Note that in this case you are limited in the options that can be used to enhance the document with overlays and files to be merged.

Convert to PDF/A-3B

Select this check box to convert the PDF documents to PDF/A before they are stored in the DMS.

You cannot select this check box together with the Sign Document check box.

We recommend that you use overlay, and merge PDF documents in the correct format, that is, PDF/A-3B. This is to prevent rendered PDF documents from not being fully PDF/A-3B compliant.


The orientation of the pages of the report. This field can only be used if the report server is left empty. For external reporting the orientation is determined by the report design.

Allowed values

  • Portrait

    The result will be a portrait report.

  • Landscape

    The result will be a landscape report

Sign Document

Indicates whether the document must be digitally signed. A document must be signed if one of the report rules must be signed.

You cannot select this check box together with the Convert to PDF/A-3B check box.