Archive Specifications (ttrpi2516m000)

Use this session to maintain the archive specifications for a document type. Use archive specifications to archive the documents, that are distributed to business partners, employees, and so on, to a Document Management System (DMS). An archive specification itself does not result in archived documents. You must add a receiver independent destination for destination type Document Management System with the archive specification as address.

Field Information

Document Type

The unique identifier of the document type.

The document type determines how the document is constructed and how it will be sent to one or more destinations.

Specification ID

A unique identifier for the archive specification.


The description of the archive specification.

DMS Document Type

The DMS Document Type to which the documents to archive must be linked. If this field is changed, you may have to redo the mapping of the archive attributes in the Archive Attributes (ttrpi2517m000) session.

LN Table

The LN table to which the document must be linked.

Convert to PDF/A-3B

Select this check box to convert the PDF documents to PDF/A before they are stored in the DMS.

You cannot select this check box together with the Sign Document check box in the Document Types (ttrpi2510m000) session .

We recommend that you use overlay, and merge PDF documents in the correct format, that is, PDF/A-3B. This is to prevent rendered PDF documents from not being fully PDF/A-3B compliant.

Create New Revision for Existing Documents

If this check box is selected,, uploading the same document multiple times does not result in multiple documents in the DMS. Instead a new revision on the existing document is created. An existing document is considered the same if all identifying attributes have the same value as for the document to be created.

The identifying attributes contain these properties in the Document Mapping (ttdms3550m100) session:

  • Mapping Type “Internal Attribute”.
  • Mapping Type “Fixed Value”.
  • Mapping Type “Application Attribute” and an “Application Attribute” that starts with “id”.

All other attributes are ignored when searching for a document. Their value is overwritten, if the attribute is mapped in the Archive Specification. This option is only available in combination with IDM.