Print Devices (ttrpi2512m000)

Use this session to maintain the print devices for a document type. Print devices are necessary when you want documents to be printed physically. In that case one device must be defined as the default. Other devices can be added, and will be chosen during the distribution processing if their conditional expression is true. For more information about entering expressions, see Infor LN Document Output Management User Guide.

Field Information


A printer device as defined in the Device Data (ttaad3500m000) session. You can select devices of type Windows Printer (on Windows servers) or Windows Server Printer (on all servers).


The description of the device

Is Default

Select this check box if this device is the default one. The default will be chosen if none of the other devices satisfy the conditions in their conditional expression.

Condition Expression

A boolean expression. If the expression is true, this print device will be used. The Text Manager is started to edit the conditional expression. This is not possible for the default print device.