Generate RT BOD Data (ttrcp1200m000)

Use this session to generate runtime BOD data.

Generating BOD data for roles is based on AMS roles only. EM roles are no longer directly monitored by the EM Change Monitor, but are treated as AMS roles. There is one exception: regular AMS roles are expanded to all package combinations. AMS roles with context EM are expanded to all package combinations that have access to the Central EM Company.

The setting of the Support Export of EM Roles to AMS and Support Export of SEC Roles to AMS check boxes in the AMS Parameters (ttams0100m000) session determine the from-to fields that are displayed in this session.

Specify the correct selection range, or use the provided default values. Role zooming is done on the Role field only, to the Role Data (ttams4100m000) session.

Field Information

Trace Mode

If this check box is selected, trace files are generated.

You can find the trace files in:

  • $BSE/log/trace.rcpmonitor
  • $BSE/log/trace.rcptransformer