Install Solution/Patch (ttpmc2205s000)

Use this session to install the solution. The solutions are installed multilevel. In addition, the previous version of the components to install is saved to be able to uninstall the solution.

You can only start this session either from the Process Solutions (ttpmc2101m000) or Process Patches (ttpmc2102m000) session. The session works on solutions that are present in the registry of solutions and have the To Install status.

If pre-installation instructions are present for one of the solutions to be installed and the Pre-Installation Instructions Followed Up check box is not selected, none of the solutions will be installed.

Upon installation, all post-installation instructions are printed, along with the instructions for convert to runtime data dictionary and create runtime data dictionary, if the solutions contain components for which this is required.

Only user root or a user who is defined as a superuser in LN can run this program.

Field Information

Update VRC

update VRC

From Solution

A unique identification of the solution or patch within a base VRC.

Pre-Installation Instructions Followed Up

Use this option to inform the system that you took action on the pre-installation instructions. If you not select this option, the solutions will not be installed if any solution exists with pre-installation instructions attached to it.

Save Components

Use this option to be able to uninstall the individual solution or patch again. PMC creates an uninstall dump for each solution that is installed.

Device for Error Report

Use this field to specify the device for the error report that can be created during the creation of the uninstall dumps. This device must be a real printer or a device of type Append to File.

Note: In general, you can ignore this report. The report lists missing components in the current environment, for example, sources or objects, which cannot be found. If the components are not present before the installation of a solution, the components do not need to be restored during the uninstallation of a solution.
Output File

In this field, you must specify a file to which the error report must be written if your device is of type Append to File.