Scan Solution/Patch File (ttpmc2200s000)

Use this session to scan an export dump containing one or more solutions, which is placed on the recipient system. You can also use this session to scan collections and patches.

The scanning process performs the following actions:

  1. Store the solution information in the registry of solutions.
  2. Copy the solution dumps to the directory specified in the Path for Individual Solution Dumps field in the Parameters (ttpmc0100s000) session.
  3. Connect the solutions to an update VRC.

This scanning process connects the solutions only to the specified update VRC. If solutions are required in other VRCs, for example, a test update VRC, the solutions can be connected to that VRC by means of the Connect Solutions/Patches to VRC (ttpmc2201s000) session.

A report can be printed that lists the solutions contained in the scanned dump file.

Note: You can also use this session to scan a PMCDepend<cust> file. This file contains dependencies that the distributor has added after a solution was released. See "PMC solutions check" in the Infor Enterprise Server Administration Guide.

Field Information

Update VRC

update VRC

Solution File

The name of a file or directory. If a file is specified, this file is scanned. If a directory is specified, all solutions, collections, and/or patches in the directory are scanned.

Note: If a file is scanned a second time, the information in the registry of solutions can be overwritten, depending on the selection of the Overwrite check box.

If this check box is selected, the solution information in the registry is overwritten when a file is scanned a second time, unless the solutions were already installed in at least one update VRC.