Update VRC's (ttpmc2140m000)

Use this session to maintain the update VRCs.

This session registers the update VRCs to which solutions can be connected.

You can also link update VRCs to a VRC combination.

For the Infor Enterprise Server (Tools) package no update VRC is used. Solutions for the Tools package are imported in the standard Tools VRC. You still must make the Tools VRC known in PMC.

If a solution is connected to the update VRC, you cannot:

  • Delete the update VRC.
  • Change the base VRC of the update VRC.

Field Information

Package For Determining Derivation Structure

The package that is used as basis for the VRC derivation structure. Use the package with the most extensive structure.

Update VRC

update VRC

Base VRC

base VRC

Note: Do not connect a base VRC for the standard to an update VRC of a localization, or vice versa.
VRC Combination

VRC combination