Process Solutions (ttpmc2101m000)

Use this session to display the solutions that are present in the registry of solutions and connected to the specified update VRC.

Solutions can be registered in the registry of solutions, and connected to an update VRC through one of these sessions:

  • Download, Scan and Connect Solution (Multi-Level) (ttpmc2210s000)
  • Scan Solution/Patch File (ttpmc2200s000)
  • Connect Solutions/Patches to VRC (ttpmc2201s000)

This session is the central session in the total solutions process at the recipient system. After scanning, you can initiate all the further actions for individual solutions from this session.

This session also shows whether installation instructions are present for a solution.

Solutions that are linked to an installation run (ttpmc2503m000) might be linked to a translation run (ttpmc4510m000), which is part of the composite Translations (ttpmc4610m000) session. If so, these solutions cannot be uninstalled. You can view these solutions in the Solutions by Installation Run (ttpmc2504m000) session. To start this session, click the default button on a record in the Installation runs (ttpmc2503m000) session.

Note: Translation-related sessions, fields, statuses, and commands are only available on our internal translation server.

To log on to a translation server, specify this command in the LN environment connection settings:


Alternatively, add this line in $BSE\lib\bse_vars:


Field Information

Update VRC

update VRC

Base VRC

base VRC

Solution Code

A unique identification of the solution in a base VRC. The same solution can exist in several base VRCs. If this occurs, the solutions must be connected to each other by a co-requisite relationship.

Status Recipient


Superseding Solution

The code of a superseding solution, if a superseding solution is present.

A superseding solution is installed instead of the superseded solutions. However, the status of the superseded solution is nevertheless changed to Installed.


If this check box is selected, a text with pre-installation and/or post-installation instructions is present.

Click Text to read the text.

The instructions are marked with one of these symbols:

  • < Pre-installation instructions.
  • > Post-installation instructions.
Patches by Update VRC

The patch code to which the solutions are linked.