Maintenance History (ttpmc1560m000)

Use this session to view the status changes to a solution or patch for a base VRC.

Every status change of a solution or patch status is recorded. This session shows all these recorded changes. If you delete a solution, this fact is recorded with the new status as blank.

Usually, to start this session, you can double-click a record in the General Maintenance History (ttpmc1561m000) session. In that case, the current session shows the maintenance history for the relevant solution or patch up until the specified time.

Field Information

Base VRC

base VRC

Solution Code

A unique identification of the solution or patch in a base VRC.


The date on which the status of the solution or patch was changed.


The time when the status of the solution or patch changed.


Number to make the key unique.


The name of the user who changed the solution or patch.


The new status of the solution or patch.