Generate Dependencies (ttpmc1240s000)

Use this session to generate the dependency relations between solutions that must be installed together at a customer system.

These dependency relations are generated:

  • Prerequisite relations.
  • Co-requisite relations to the same solutions in other base VRCs, if these solutions have one or more components in common.

    Conditions for co-requisites:

    • Base VRCs must belong to the same base VRC combination.
    • Solution numbers must be identical.

These dependency relations cannot be generated, but must be specified manually:

  • Co-requisite relations to solutions in the same base VRC
  • Post-requisite relations

To start this session, you can click Generate Dependencies on the appropriate menu of the Dependencies (ttpmc1140m000) session, which in turn you must start from the appropriate menu of the Solutions (ttpmc1100m000) session.

Field Information

Base VRC

base VRC

Solution Code

A unique identification of the solution in a base VRC.



Delete also manually entered

If this check box is selected, the dependencies you might have specified manually are deleted when you regenerate the dependencies.

Regenerate dependencies

If this check box is selected, all existing dependency relations are deleted, and the relations are regenerated.

Note: Manually specified relations are not deleted, unless you select the Delete also manually entered check box.