Component by Solution (ttpmc1120s000)

Use this session to link a component to a solution.

Field Information

Base VRC

base VRC

Solution Code

A unique identification of the solution in a base VRC.

Component Type

software component

Session Code

The session code of the session that uses the modified component.


The package to which the component belongs.

Note: A solution can relate to multiple packages. You cannot combine the Tools package with other packages. The types of packages that you can use is determined by the first package type you specify.
Component Code

The component identification, for example, module and session code.

If you zoom to a session to select a component, the session that starts is determined by the component type you selected in the Component Type field.


The language of the component.

This field is only specified for language-dependent software components, such as labels, messages, and questions, or software components that have language-dependent descriptions. This fields are, by default, filled with the language codes of the languages for which the software component exists in the relevant VRC. For Tools ( tt), the tools VRC, for others packages, the development VRC or export VRC.